Our Story

Our Story

A collaboration between two close friends; Madbury Road was conceived as an alternative to the overpriced and outdated patio furniture available today. Furnishing your patio simply should not cost $7,000+. The industry is controlled by a few large, well known companies that have kept prices artificially high (mostly because of their well-recognized brands) while reaping huge profits from consumers who have no other options. By circumventing traditional channels and engaging with our customers directly through our website, Madbury Road is able to provide high quality, modern patio furniture at a fraction of the competitors' prices.

We meticulously design each of our individual outdoor furniture sets, using the finest eco-friendly materials and craftsmanship. The Madbury Road aesthetic is industry inspired, with a modern look that compliments any style.

Co-founders, Tim and Brady met at the University of New Hampshire, where they often discussed starting and growing a company together. It wasn't until 5 years later that they made this a reality… It all started in a college apartment on Madbury Road.

We hope that our products will provide you all the style and comfort you need to enjoy your space, and the price will leave you with some extra cash to use to host a party and show your friends and family a good time.

How we do it:

We cut out the middlemen. Madbury Road's furniture is of the highest quality — crafted by the same manufacturers as the $5000 and $10,000 sets you see in your favorite stores. Yet, we sell our products at a fraction of the price. How do we do it?

Well, first it's important to understand how furniture is made today. Most high-end companies import their furniture from overseas to sell locally in their stores. They have done this for so many years that their brands are universally respected and valued much higher than their products are truly worth. This creates an enormous imbalance between what they pay for their products to be manufactured, and what they charge you in the end.

This system doesn't make any sense to us and it hurts you.

Pictured to the right is a picture of Tim and Brady with their good friends Lucky and Jackson who oversee the manufacturing process. Together we bring high quality furniture at affordable prices to the US market.

Tim, Lucky, Jackson & Brady

Why we are different:

1)  We are committed to catering to our customers, ensuring a enjoyable online shopping experience. We are an independent, two man company that understands the value of customer service.    

2) Instead of fancy showrooms or storefronts in expensive busy areas, we store our furniture in the most cost efficient warehouse space we can find. We don't advertise in home and garden magazines or send a free catalogue to your home every month. We do all that we can to keep our costs low, and we pass those savings onto you.

3) We are the only online store in the US that can bring our furniture right to your door. Once we're there, you can see it, touch it and sit in it to determine if the furniture is everything you thought it was based on what you saw on our website. If it is, then we offer free delivery if you purchase it on the spot. If it is not what you were expecting then you don’t have to spend a dollar and we will take the set home with us. For our customers outside our local delivery range; we offer a flat shipping fee of $250. Just like with our local customers, we want you to be 100% satisfied so we offer free return shipping with no questions asked and no restocking fees.   Click here for the details

Design materials and assembly:

Our frames are made from powder coated aluminum, the strongest and most rustproof material in the industry. Synthetic wicker is stylish, yet durable, and is hand woven to turn any frame into a beautiful piece of furniture. Cushions are the last step – All of our cushions are 5" thick, water repellant and very comfortable. The cushion covers have zippers and are removable so you can machine wash them when necessary.

Madbury Road's furniture is crafted in some of the finest factories in the world, alongside several other high-end brands. Each set is crafted by hand and inspected continuously at each step of the process, ensuring a perfect product arrives at your door.

Meet the founders:

We met at the University of New Hampshire, where we studied business and were teammates on the varsity tennis team. Starting something from scratch was always our goal, but it took our experiences after college to help turn that goal into fruition.

Brady Bartlett

After graduating college with a degree in finance, Brady spent 3 years managing an importing business that specialized in indoor furniture, helping the company expand to three new locations, and learning what it took to bring quality goods into the U.S. from overseas. On a trip to Europe he discovered the popularity and style of their outdoor furniture, and knew it was only a matter of time until the popularity of all-weather wicker patio furniture made its way into the United States.


Brady & Tim

Tim Clement

In college, Tim attended a study abroad program called Semester at Sea which allowed him to travel around the world visiting 11 different countries. He later graduated with a degree in International Business & Economics, and a year later Tim was working for an e-commerce company that imports statuary from the Far East. He became an expert in the importing process as well as managing and running a small business website. He co-founded a website selling African art that he still owns and runs today.



It wasn't until 2010 when Tim and Brady took a trip back to New Hampshire to hike Mount Washington that they fully conceived the idea of Madbury Road. They combined their experiences in importing, Brady's knowledge of the furniture industry and Tim's knowledge of ecommerce & websites to hatch the idea of selling high end contemporary outdoor furniture online.