About Our High Quality Commercial Patio Furniture

Madbury Road offers a wide variety of commercial outdoor furniture for hotels, resorts, cafés, restaurants and more. Our manufacturing meets the highest industry standards, with pricing that is consistently lower than our competitors. We are always available by phone at 866-331-6042, or you can e-mail at info@madburyroad.com and we'll get back to you right away.

Choosing outdoor commercial furniture can be a frustrating process. There are endless options online, with varying prices and lead times that range from 3 weeks to 3 months. When buying outdoor furniture for commercial use, you also must consider multiple factors related to your space. Dimensions, aesthetics, clientele, and off-season storage are all things that can make the process even more difficult.

We at Madbury Road took all of these things into consideration when designing our line of commercial outdoor furniture. All of our chairs are stackable, making them easy to store at the end of each day or during the winter. Our tables are all standard size rectangular 2 tops, which stand well on their own and can easily be added together to create seating for larger parties. If you are local to one of our warehouses, we can bring the furniture right to your business for you to see in person and decide which option is best. All of our products are in stock and available immediately, with shorter lead times than anyone else in the industry.

We stand behind our promises, and you can expect that our commercial furniture will serve you well. Each piece is carefully created to meet the aesthetics, longevity, and sturdiness needed for your business. Our outdoor furniture is designed to withstand frequent use in high-traffic commercial areas. And we are pleased to offer them at a price that is much lower than that of our competitors. For inquiries, give us a call or fill out our form and we will reach out to you right away. Don’t miss the chance to own beautifully designed, outdoor furniture for your business. Get in touch with us today!

Furniture Testing Standards

Our commercial furniture is put through strict testing before, during, and after manufacturing. The materials used along with the integrity of the construction are important factors that we take very seriously, and the end result is shown clearly in our products. Below are some of the tests that make our commercial furniture among the strongest in the industry.

Stretch/Flex Test

Stretch Test

These tests relate to the all-weather wicker we use on our furniture. The first is called the Stretch Test. True high quality all-weather wicker should be able to stretch at least 7 times it’s original length. This ensures that the strands of all weather wicker will maintain over time and minimizes the chance of snapping after repeated use.

The Flex Test is another checkpoint that ensures the wicker will stand up to the test of time. A strand of all weather wicker is secured into the machine, and swung back and forth. The strand must last 35,000 swings to pass the test, though most times the machine doesn’t stop until it reaches 100,000.

Flex Test

Stress/Vertical Impact Test

Vertical Impact Test

The Stress Test expedites the process of a chair receiving constant use over time. People sit down and get up at all angles, and this machine is designed to mimic that use. The chair frame and seat must remain within 2.5% of its original form after 10,000 reps are complete.

The Vertical Impact Test is one that strictly tests the weight capacity and balance of the seat. During this process, a weighted bag (meant to resemble a person) is repeatedly dropped on the seat on the front, side, and center of each chair. The chair passes the test if it does not tip over forward, backward, or sideways, and if it distributes the weight evenly between all 4 legs when the weight is placed in the center of the seat.

UV Aging/Sea Salt Test

Outdoor furniture manufacturing must consider elements that indoor furniture is able to avoid. Two of the most important elements are UV Rays and Sea Salt. This testing allows our furniture to be placed in direct sunlight and in ocean-type environments without becoming compromised. Many companies pass their furniture off as “outdoor” without putting it through these crucial tests.

The UV Aging test simulates a natural climate of ultraviolet irradiation, rain, high temperature and humidity, and condensation. The materials are exposed to temperatures up to 140 degrees. The process simulates the accelerated lifetime of all weather wicker, and upon completion the strand then must pass the Stretch and Flex Tests described above.

The purpose of the Sea Salt Spray Test is the same as the UV Aging Test. It is meant to expose the all weather wicker to a lifetime of sea salt exposure, where it is then analyzed and compared to its original form before the test. The strand must show no sign of fading, mold, or mildew, and pass the Stretch and Flex Test upon completion.


Sea Salt Test

Custom Commercial Furniture Options

In addition to the products displayed above we offer custom commercial furniture for both indoor and outdoor spaces – including hotels, restaurants, cafes, and more.

All of our custom projects have a minimum lead-time of 12 weeks. This give us time to have the custom furniture manufactured, shipped via ocean freight and delivered to your door. As long as you plan ahead for custom work we can guarantee that we will save you money when furnishing your restaurant or commercial space whether it’s indoors and/or outdoors.

*If you need your furniture delivered quicker we recommend that you call us directly to discuss your needs so we can let you know what we have available at the time for immediate delivery.

Custom indoor furniture

Typically, indoor furniture jobs are normally done custom. We currently do not stock very much indoor furniture because the styles and quantities of the orders are so specific. This does not mean that it costs you more; it simply means we can customize every detail of your order while saving you money. This way you can get exactly what you want and if necessary even match existing furniture.

If you are interested in speaking with one of the owners of Madbury Road about your custom options please call 866-331-6042 or e-mail us at info@madburyroad.com .

About our Factory

Our factory is one of the top commercial furniture manufacturers in the world. Many of the top brands selling restaurant furniture in the United States source their products from this factory. They’ve provided countless commercial properties around the world with their indoor and outdoor furniture, including venues in Dubai, France, Italy, and Hong Kong.

Each time we visit this factory we are more impressed. Their quality standards, materials used, and careful attention to detail in every aspect of the process are second to none. This has allowed us to provide products to our customers that are truly commercial grade, and our business model allows us to offer pricing that is consistently below our competition.