DIY Outdoor Pallet Sofa Ideas

If there’s an artist hidden within you, creating your own furniture may be a goal. Your patio has ample space for a sofa, but you want a unique reflection of your talents. Consider the artistic and functional benefits of wood pallets for your backyard. There’s a world of ideas when it comes to DIY outdoor pallet sofas.


Lounging in Simplicity


Start your DIY project with a simple design. Take one or two pallets, and lay them on the ground. Nail the two pallets together for a rectangular shape. Find a quality, foam mattress or topper for the sofa section. Ideally, look for toppers that are four to six inches thick. Professionally made sofas always have a thick, top section so that the sofa is completely comfortable.


Round out your DIY project with upholstery across the soft topper. The pallet is a strong base that will last for many years.


Stacking Them Up


The single-layer pallet design is great for lounging by a pool. However, you may want a sofa seat that’s more akin to comfortable seating. Stack two to three pallets on top of each other. The ultimate height is based on your preference.


Be sure to nail them together as you stack them. They should act as a single, furniture piece. Give them a distinct paint color and top it with a foam section. Try the DIY sofa for yourself. It can always be altered for further comfort by adding pillows or even more height.


Creating the Chaise


Take two pallets, and cut one of them in half. Nail the half-pallet to the full-size pallet so that you have a 45-degree angle between the two sections. Take a step back because you just created a chaise lounger.


You may need more length to the sitting section so try out the sofa. Nail another pallet to the foot section if you have taller guests. You can add as much foam and upholstery to the pallets as necessary so that the chaise invites everyone to relax.


Trying a Bench


If you’re handy with a saw, cut up several pallets so that you have individual pieces of wood. Create a bench by nailing the individual pieces into a flat surface. Connect other pallet sections to the ends of this bench so that you have a two-seater sofa. Rest your drinks and snacks on the bench section as you catch up with loved ones. This particular project is an advanced idea, but it has many options for the artistic mind.


Forging Impact With Stains


Painting your pallets is always a fun part of the DIY project. Some people prefer the bare-wood appearance too. You might consider staining the wood so that it has a complex appearance from across the yard.


Look for a dark stain that will offset the color of the installed upholstery. With a staining project, many people won’t notice that the wood is actually from a pallet. You save money while being creative.


Sealing Them Like Teak


You may be a fan of teak furniture because it’s so durable. Your DIY outdoor pallet sofa can have some durability if you seal the wood. Look for a sealant that matches the pallet’s wood type. Cover the wood in sealant before you start any part of the project. Moisture and pests won’t be able to damage the wood with this layer protecting it.


Don’t hesitate to enhance to your DIY pallet sofa by adding a few items from other furniture collections. Mixing and matching the wood colors can create a distinct appearance in your backyard. Every visitor walking into the space will want to try out this style that’s all your own.