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How long does patio furniture last?

Not all patio furniture is built the same. How long your patio furniture will last depends largely on the quality of the materials used. However, with high quality materials and proper care, both wicker and teak patio furniture can last for decades, maybe even a lifetime! That’s why at Madbury Road, we use weather resistant synthetic wicker and Grade A teak, to ensure that your patio furniture will last for years to come.

How do you care for outdoor patio furniture?

To properly care for and maintain outdoor patio furniture, there are two important steps you should take. When the furniture is not in use, we recommend covering it with water resistant outdoor covers. Additionally, during the winter, we recommend storing any cushions indoors in a dry location. Learn more about how to care for your outdoor furniture.

Should I get wicker or teak patio furniture?

When choosing between wicker and teak patio furniture, it really comes down to your own personal preference. Both materials are durable, strong, and weather resistant. We recommend considering the current design and feel of your outdoor space to determine which material will fit  best.