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Q: Who is the manufacturer?
A: All of our furniture is manufactured by our company, Madbury Road. When we started our company we researched all of the high-end brand names in our industry, such as Pottery Barn, Frontgate, and Restoration Hardware. Once we found how their furniture was made and where they were getting it from, we began doing the same. 

Q: What is all weather wicker? 
A: All weather wicker is a synthetic material that is made to look like traditional wicker. It is great for outdoor furniture because it does not fade in the sun, and it is completely waterproof. All weather wicker furniture is always hand woven, giving it a classy look and durability that is unmatched by other materials. 

Q: What is powder coating? 
A: Our frames are made with “powder coated” aluminum. This is a treatment applied to the frames to seal them for outdoor use. This seal prevents rust and corrosion, and ensures the furniture will last as long as it’s supposed to. Aluminum frames are a great material to use for outdoor furniture frames. They are light and strong, giving the furniture a long life and making it easy to rearrange or store in the offseason. 

Q: Are the cushions made with Sunbrella? 
A:Sunbrella is the only brand that people are really trained to ask for. These cushion covers are very similar to Sunbrella in terms of function. They are made with Sunproof water repellant olefin fabric. They are zippered and can be removed and machine washed, and also repel water and resist fading when in use. All of the cushions are filled with quick-drying foam. 

Q: Can we leave the cushions on the furniture when not in use? 
A: As with anything, the more you take of it the longer it will last. With outdoor cushions it is the same. We recommend covering or storing your cushions when the set is not in use. The cushions are made to get wet and be exposed to water, but they always need to be given the chance to dry. If it is raining for more than a few days in a row, make sure to protect your cushions. This will also allow you to use the set right away when the rain stops! We sell outdoor covers for the furniture for $250, or you can buy a waterproof storage bin to put them in. 

Q: How long will the furniture last? 
A:With proper care, we usually say at least 10 years. As with anything, the better you take care of it, the longer the lifespan will be. 

Q: Do you offer a warranty? 
A: We offer a manufacturer warranty of two years, but we always encourage our customers to call or e-mail us with any issues so that we can help. 

Q: What about the cheaper options, like Design Furnishings, French Design Company, Ohana, etc? 
A: You can find out all you need to know about these companies by checking their reviews. Design Furnishings and French Design have horrible reviews, and put their customers through hell and sell a poor quality product. You can compare their furniture to something you’d find at Target or Home Depot. Ohana sells mostly through Amazon. They are not local so you are not able to test out the furniture before you buy it. Their prices are slightly lower but their quality is nowhere near ours. You can compare our furniture directly to something you’d see in a store for double and sometimes triple our prices.

Q: What is the fastest I can get my furniture delivered?
A: We offer some of the fastest shipping times in the entire furniture industry. If you live within 150 miles of one of our three warehouses, most times your furniture can be delivered within 1-3 days, sometimes even on the same day. If you live outside of our "local" delivery radius, your furniture will normally arrive within 10 business days. If the purchase is time sensitive, we encourage you to let us know and we will do everything we can do ensure it arrives on time.

Q: Does Madbury Road offer commercial furniture?
A: Yes, we manufacture a couple different lines of furniture geared towards commercial settings that we stock regularly. We can also do a wide variety of custom orders for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and any other commercial setting you can think of. The custom orders typically need 12 weeks of lead time. We offer both outdoor and indoor commercial furniture, designed with style and affordability and manufactured to stand the test of time. If you are looking for more information please contact us at 866-331-6042 or

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