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A collaboration between two close friends, Madbury Road was conceived as a smart and high-quality alternative to traditional, overpriced patio furniture. We continually meet people who are genuinely surprised by how accessible we've made luxury outdoor furniture for our customers.

Brady Bartlett

After graduating college with a degree in finance, Brady spent 3 years managing an importing business that specialized in indoor furniture, helping the company expand to three new locations, and learning what it took to bring quality goods into the U.S. from overseas. On a trip to Europe he discovered the popularity and style of their outdoor furniture, and knew it was only a matter of time until the popularity of all-weather wicker patio furniture made its way into the United States.

Tim Clement

In college, Tim attended a study abroad program called Semester at Sea which allowed him to travel around the world visiting 11 different countries. He later graduated with a degree in International Business & Economics, and a year later Tim was working for an e-commerce company that imports statuary from the Far East. He became an expert in the importing process as well as managing and running a small business website. He co-founded a website selling African art that he still owns and runs today.

It wasn't until 2010 when Tim and Brady took a trip back to New Hampshire to hike Mount Washington that they fully conceived the idea of Madbury Road. They combined their experiences in importing, the furniture industry, e-commerce & websites to hatch the idea of selling high-end outdoor furniture online.​

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