Our outdoor daybeds feature stylish, versatile designs with multiple configuration options for your deck or patio. Each set can be arranged as a true outdoor daybed, or the same pieces can be rearranged to create a sectional seating area to accommodate more guests.

Patio Daybeds

Total rest and relaxation is always moments away when you have a high-quality outdoor patio daybed. Enjoy one of our modular, round outdoor daybeds and enjoy the weather however you want. Any of our luxury outdoor sectionals will make your patio the talk of the neighborhood. Perfect for an afternoon nap, or for entertaining guests, any of our outdoor daybeds will suit your needs.

Customize Your Outdoor Daybed

Create the perfect outdoor daybed for your deck or patio! Our daybeds are modular and can be set up in many different unique arrangements. The sets are comprised of 5 sectional pieces, 3 ottomans, and 1 coffee table, offering many configurations that can be rearranged to fit any occasion. For even more additional seating, combine your daybed with one of our matching outdoor sofas, club chairs, or dining sets from the same collection!

Outdoor Daybed Styles & Collections 

Each outdoor daybed has its own unique design and style. The perfect daybed for you depends largely on your own needs and preferences, as well as the layout of your deck, patio, or yard. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite daybeds. 

Bali teak outdoor daybed

Bali Outdoor Teak Daybed

Our Bali Collection offers a beautiful, wooden outdoor daybed. The Bali Teak Daybed is built with grade A, solid Indonesian teak wood and Sunbrella cushions. Because the wood is durable and naturally weather-resistant, teak patio furniture is great for outdoor use. In fact, it is the strongest hardwood used for outdoor furniture. Madbury Road takes pride in our FSC certified teak, as being environmentally-friendly is as important to us as ensuring you end up with a beautiful luxury daybed.

Outdoor teak daybed set

Malibu Outdoor Teak & Rope Daybed

Our Malibu Collection features a teak & rope outdoor daybed. The Malibu Teak Daybed is built with grade A, solid Indonesian teak wood, hand woven espresso all weather rope and Sunbrella cushions. Teak patio furniture is great for outdoor use and the best wood for outdoor furniture. The daybed offers a versatile design that can be reconfigured into an L-shaped sectional.

Santorini round outdoor daybed

Santorini Round Outdoor Daybed

Our popular Santorini furniture set includes the perfect round outdoor daybed. Constructed of our signature all-weather outdoor wicker, with seating for up to 8 people, the Santorini is perfect for entertaining by the garden. Due to its unique circular design, this daybed is a popular choice around fire pits and curved areas of the deck or patio.

Gray Santorini round outdoor daybed

Gray Santorini Round Outdoor Daybed

For those who would prefer a lighter color, the Gray Santorini is another popular choice for outdoor seating. The Gray Santorini is a round patio daybed that is truly unique to Madbury Road. It is built with a strong aluminum frame, beautiful Sunbrella sand-colored cushions, and our signature driftwood gray wicker. The set is modular and includes 5 sectional couch chairs, 3 ottomans, and a coffee table.

Whitewash Santorini round outdoor daybed

Whitewash Santorini Round Outdoor Daybed

We offer a Whitewash Santorini Outdoor Daybed. This version of our popular Santorini model features weather-resistant whitewash wicker along with a beautiful set of slate gray cushions. With its round design, this daybed provides the perfect place to sit by the fire pit and relax with friends and family. This option is available by custom order only. Please email or call us to discuss ordering options for the Whitewash outdoor daybed.

Teak and Rope Round Outdoor Daybed

Teak & Rope Santorini Outdoor Daybed

This round patio daybed set is constructed with high-quality teak wood, hand-woven espresso rope, and Sunbrella cushions. The full set is modular and includes a five seat sofa, three ottomans, and a matching teak coffee table. Teak outdoor furniture is weather resistant and well suited for outdoor use.

Round Outdoor Daybeds

Round outdoor daybeds

A round outdoor daybed makes a great addition to any patio or deck. Because most traditional daybeds consist of a rectangular shape, the unique design of a round daybed will give your outdoor space a modern and refreshing look.

The right outdoor furniture can bring your patio to life. For those who enjoy hosting parties and entertaining guests, round seating is one of the best options available. The seats face each other while still offering plenty of open space in the middle, which is the perfect combination for fun conversation. The party will start itself!

Our round outdoor daybed sets are modular and can be set up in multiple ways, which opens the door to a lot of possibilities for the layout and design of your patio. Each set includes five sectional couch chairs, three ottomans, and a coffee table. The sets are built with all-weather wicker.

Additionally, each round outdoor daybed set is also part of a larger collection that offers matching outdoor furniture pieces including chaise lounge chairs, club chairs, dining sets, end tables, and more.

What to Look for in an Outdoor Daybed

Looking to purchase some new outdoor furniture? We know, it can be overwhelming! We’ve got you covered, though. When it comes to choosing an outdoor daybed for your deck or patio, there are a few important things that should factor into your decision.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a daybed is the seating capacity. Will this be the only seating available on your deck or patio? If so, you may want to opt for a round daybed that provides seating for up to eight people. On the other hand, if the daybed will only be used by you and your spouse, a more intimate option may be more ideal.


When choosing an outdoor daybed, the frame and outer materials are two of the most important things to consider. As with any outdoor patio furniture, you want to choose a material that is high-quality, durable, and weather resistant. Several popular options include all weather wicker, wood, and aluminum. For the best balance of durability, comfort, and style, we always recommend powder coated aluminum or solid teak wood frames, and all weather wicker or solid teak wood outer materials.

Before settling on a frame and outer material, you should also consider the current aesthetic of your patio or deck, and make sure that the two styles will complement each other.

At Madbury Road, we offer both all weather wicker and teak wood daybeds. Our all weather wicker daybeds are built around a welded powder coated aluminum frame that is lightweight, rust-proof, and durable. Our wood models use the most durable, high-strength teak wood possible.


The amount of room required for an outdoor daybed is an important factor to consider. Whether you are planning to set up a daybed on your patio or deck, or even in your yard, it is very important to measure the area and check the dimensions of the daybed. Be sure to leave excess room around your patio furniture so you are able to easily walk around the area.

Weather Resistance

When choosing any piece of outdoor furniture, one of the most important factors to consider is weather-resistance. Outdoor furniture has to be able to survive and withstand moderately harsh weather and elements. To ensure that your outdoor daybed lasts, it should be:

  • Resistant to mildew.
  • Resistant to color-fading.
  • Able to drain water.
  • Able to dry quickly.

At Madbury Road, all of our outdoor furniture is built to be durable and withstand all weather conditions.

Matching Extension Pieces

Do you plan to expand your set of patio furniture later on? You may want to consider choosing a daybed that is part of a larger collection, so you can always get more furniture pieces that perfectly match the same style. Our outdoor daybeds are a part of larger collections, so you can easily add a matching sectional set, club chair, coffee table, or dining set to your patio furniture — now or later!

Outdoor Patio Daybed FAQs

What is the difference between an indoor and outdoor daybed?

The main difference between an indoor and an outdoor daybed is weather resistance. Unlike living room furniture, daybeds and other outdoor patio furniture need to be able to withstand the elements. High-quality outdoor furniture should be water repellent and able to resist rust, mildew, mold, and color-fading.

Where can I put an outdoor daybed?

The short answer is: anywhere you’d like to! Of course outdoor daybeds look great on patios and decks, but they are also popular additions in backyards, around the fire pit, or by the swimming pool. Many people even choose to put them on a porch or inside of a sunroom. The truth is, daybeds can work well and look great almost anywhere!

How many pieces are in each patio daybed set?

The amount of pieces in your daybed set will vary based on the collection you choose! With the modular design of all of our sectional daybeds, you can feel confident that any option will be able to suit your family’s needs. Whether you are entertaining a party, or spending time with the family outdoors, any of our daybed collections can fit your needs.

How durable are our outdoor daybeds?

Our outdoor patio daybeds are made to last. Our all weather wicker daybeds are resistant to UV fading, and completely invulnerable to rain and moisture. In addition, they are built upon a welded, powder coated aluminum frame. Our wooden daybeds utilize Burmese Teak wood, which is exceptionally durable and very long-lasting. Even our cushions are sun proof and water resistant. If you purchase it from Madbury Road, you will never have to worry about your daybed surviving the outdoor elements.

What is a round outdoor daybed?

A round outdoor daybed is a circular-shaped piece of outdoor furniture seating. They are very unique and can often become the centerpiece of your patio or deck. Due to the round seating arrangement, our round daybeds are truly conversation sets that will promote socializing and keep your guests entertained throughout the evening.

The Santorini collection is our signature round outdoor daybed, and one of our top collections. It’s the perfect outdoor furniture for hosting and entertaining.

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