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Outdoor Furniture Care Guide

A thorough guide to the care and maintenance of outdoor furniture that includes cleaning, storage, UV protection, and weather-proofing. You will find the necessary actionable steps and tips to keep your outdoor furniture in prime shape and ready for use all year long. 

Outdoor furniture care is a critical part of retaining the appearance and full use of the items for their expected lifetime. I spent a good deal of money creating an outdoor living space that is as pleasing to the eye as it is comfortable. I want to take a little time and break down the essentials to care and maintenance that provide ultimate longevity. 

Keep Wood Moisturized and Stained

Sun, wind, and weather can damage the wood portions you have to your outdoor furniture. The wood will slowly dry out, crack, and require replacement without adequate protection from the heat, sun, and moisture. Use a product on the surface that offers moisturization, or merely coat with coconut oil, leave it a few minutes, and finish by wiping with a dry cloth. If you sprinkle the surface with water and it does not retain beading past ten minutes, refinish with a moisture guard stain product.

Good Housekeeping Is a Must

Depending on your outdoor setting, the furniture is subject to collecting sand, leaves, pine needles, and other debris that are carried by air currents. Remove the cushions, dust them off, or vacuum and thoroughly clean the areas under the cushions. Spot clean any spilled food or drinks and bird droppings. Mild soapy water will work for cleaning any metal, plastic, and glass portions. 

Install a Canopy Awning or Use UV Spray on Fabrics

UV rays from the sun can limit the lifetime of your outdoor furniture investment. It begins to break down the wood, plastic, fabric, and wicker products that are bathed in sunlight regularly. If you are limited to a patio table and chairs, use a broad umbrella to protect the chairs from sun fading and damage. A large overhead canopy can be erected to limit damage from sunlight and water. As an alternative, there are UV protectant sprays that help protect the fabric from UV exposure. You will find this product in most outlets that carry patio furniture.

Inspect for Damage, Wear and Repair Needs

Take time twice each year to thoroughly inspect the outdoor furniture for damage or weaknesses. Make sure all of the wood is intact, plastic is solid, and metal parts are tightly attached. Check each cushion for integrity and replace or repair as needed.

Protecting Outdoor Furniture from Storms

Hurricanes and tropical storms are not worth taking a gamble with your outdoor furniture. Find an area in your home, storage shed, or garage to put your outdoor furniture in a safe location. Measure your furniture and purchase high-quality moisture-proof covers for periods of rain and thunderstorms.

Winter Storage of Outdoor Furniture

The colder winter months provide a prime opportunity for moisture and extreme temperatures to damage your outdoor furniture. Sleet, ice, and snow are not good for your items. The optimal solution is to bring them out of the weather. Make room in the garage, basement, storage shed, spare bedroom, or consider renting a small storage unit to keep them dry during the months you will not use the outdoor furniture. Use the moisture-proof covers if there is no other alternative.

You have taken the time to choose the perfect outdoor furniture to fit your style and needs. I guarantee that following the above steps for care and maintenance will help you get the most extended life and value for each dollar spent.

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