Madbury Road’s furniture is of the highest quality, crafted by the same manufacturers as the $10,000 sets you see from your favorite brands. By creating and developing our own designs and taking complete control of the manufacturing and distribution processes, we sell our products at a fraction of the price. We seek out the least expensive forms of storage, personally deliver our products, and cut out middlemen in every part of the process to keep our costs and yours as low as possible. Shopping for outdoor furniture should not put you in debt or drive you crazy clicking through endless options online.

In our local areas, which cover the east coast from Maine to Washington D.C., our Try Us At Home delivery service allows you to see the furniture at your home and in your space before deciding whether or not to purchase. This free service takes all of the uncertainty out of shopping for outdoor furniture, ensuring that the product meets your expectations for quality and comfort, and fits properly in your space.

We founded Madbury Road vowing to always do right by our customers, which meant doing business a different way than our competitors. The outdoor furniture industry has always been composed of two parts, and almost every client we work with has experienced one or both of them in their shopping process.

The first part is the brand name companies that continually keep their prices artificially high while reaping huge profits from consumers who feel like they have no other options. These brands; found in malls, local patio stores, and sometimes only in catalogs mailed to your home, rely solely on their brand recognition and customer loyalty to sell their products. Their inflated prices cannot be justified otherwise. While you’re likely not purchasing a poor quality product from one of these companies, you are certainly purchasing an overpriced one.

The second part of the industry is made up of the cookie-cutter discount options you see everywhere online. Many of these sets look exactly the same, featuring square, boxy designs, thin cushions, and small overall dimensions. The poor quality materials, uncomfortable seating, and miniature sizing are easy to mask in pictures, but when one of these sets shows up at your door you’ll immediately know why the price was too good to be true.

Doing business with Madbury Road means you’ll always be in contact with one of the owners of the company. We are always available by phone, e-mail, or text to help with any questions you may have to give you the quickest possible response. We’re happy to help no matter where you are in your shopping process. At Madbury Road we are proud to present our customers with a product and service they can’t wait to tell their friends about.

Warehouse Locations

We are an online company. Our main warehouse is located in Cumberland, RI. We distribute a majority of our furniture out of this location but hold no regular retail hours.
We are happy to make appointments at this location or our Elizabeth, NJ location but please call us before coming so we can be sure someone is there to greet you!

Cumberland Location

30 Martin St. Cumberland, RI 02864, USA

By Appointment Only
+1 866-331-6042
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Elizabeth Location

1000 Jefferson Ave, Suite A Elizabeth NJ, USA

By Appointment Only
+1 866-331-6042
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